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Greetings to all Brunks Customers


 First & foremost we hope and pray this notice finds everyone safe, healthy and happy. 

This notice is written by Richard Brunk and are also the sentiments of the Brunk family. 
     As many of you know my father, Ron, was the original founding partner of Brunks Auction with his parents in 1948. My mother Pat, came along in the early 1950's as Ron's wife. Since that time they both have had a connection with Brunks Auction. As a matter of fact, they still hold 50% of the corporate stock of Brunks Auction. (Trust me, they won't give it up until they are gone) To this date they both are still in the same health as they were before the pandemic began. 
     I have grown up working and playing around the auction business my entire life. Many of you have seen mine and Boni's kids working and playing as they grew up at the auction. Well, that was my life 50 years ago. 
     Since the inception of Brunks Auction in 1948, the auction business, as a whole, as well as the Brunk family, have seen many, many things that has affected the auction industry. Wars, storms (acts of God), economic recessions, run-away inflation, SARS, AIDS epidemic, riots, civil rights unrest, assassination of a President, terrorist attacks of 9/11, and more to name some events we have experienced throughout our 4 generations. 
     We have been through deaths of family members & friends, medical surgical scares, funerals and births, and the high and low times of the auction business. The auction has been through some tough times where we could not get merchandise to save our souls and also where we've had so much merchandise we couldn't get rid of it all. We have had family arguments and we have sometimes been rude, but we have also bent over backwards to accommodate customers and our clients. In the 70 years of the Brunks Auction business, we have even almost gone broke a time or two. 
     My point is that we are no different than you, our clients and customers. We realize it is possible that you have been through some of the same life situations that we have. We all are trying to deal with this current pandemic and it's aftermath the best way that we can. None of us has ever had to deal with a pandemic. One our greatest hardships, from the beginning of the pandemic,  was not being able to see our grandkids for five weeks and we are sure there are family members you haven't seen due to this pandemic as well. 
     The reason that I am telling you this is because we, at Brunks Auction, are going to start back on the regular auction schedule beginning Sunday, May 17th, 2020. We do not know if this is a mistake, but we hope we are not considered un-caring, thoughtless, insensitive or selfish,(words I'm sure some will say) but we have to make a decision which we feel is best for all. The whole business being shut down any longer is just not working. This decision has been made for the simple fact that we are feeling the money crunch and business cannot sustain a prolonged closure and expect to be able to recover. We have continued to pay every person on our payroll since this pandemic began and, as every other business, we have paid the monthly bills and more. We have not asked the federal government for one dime for "with the shekels might come the shackles". We have gone 70 years without asking and we do not intend to start now. We realize that some will say that it is foolish or bad business but it is just something we do not want. We have many dealers and many sellers that we have to do our best to support.
     This has been posted in advance so our customers can make their own decisions just as we have. If you are a customer of Brunks or would like to become a customer of Brunks and thought that you would like to give us a try, we would be happy to have you come to the Sunday auction on May 17th and any of those thereafter. You are welcome to follow the CDC guidelines and wear masks or gloves and to keep your distance from others. That will be at your own discretion. We hope that everyone will attend and feel safe and appreciated. 
     If you have a secondary health issue, or are of the age the CDC says you are most at risk or have general concerns, we would ask that you not attend. We are not saying this to be rude or upset anyone but If you are feeling ill, feverish, or anything out of your normal health, we ask you to not attend until you are well. 
     If there are any second thoughts of attending a public auction yet we have items of interest to you, feel free contact our office at 623-933-7748 or e-mail your request to leave any absentee bids. Please visit the photo gallery to review photos posted for items coming up for our next auction sale.
     With kind regards,
              - Richard Brunk                     

January 23rd, 2022
Auction begins at 10:30am
Preview same day at 9am​

January 30th, 2022
Auction begins at 9am
Preview same day at 8am​

February 6th, 2022
Auction begins at 9am
Preview same day at 8am​

February 13th, 2022
Auction begins at 9am
Preview same day at 8am​

February 20th, 2022
Auction begins at 9am
Preview same day at 8am​

February 27th, 2022
Auction begins at 9am
Preview same day at 8am​

Parking lot directly west of our warehouse building in the Plaza De Grande property is 
NOW AVAILABLE to auction customers on Sundays only, regardless of signage.

Parking lot east of Plaza De Grande will remain unavailable for auction parking.
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